HISTORY: established in 2019 by Eric L. Stephens and Cynthia N. Stephens.

CERTIFICATION: licensed by the California State Contractors Licensing Board, under a C10 Classification, license #1062337 and PW-LR-1000553999.

Company Location, Staffing, and Qualifications: maintains an office at 9387 Deschutes Rd., STE 1, Palo Cedro, CA 96073, and is owned and operated by Eric and Cynthia Stephens.  Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. maintains regular operating hours.  Our staff is competent, professional and knowledgeable with current state and federal regulations.  We strive to maintain a positive, safe working environment by holding weekly Safety Tailgate Meetings, at the directions of our RSO Consultant.

Mission Statement

Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. believes in providing our clients quality security, safety and service at an affordable, competitive price.


Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. strives to maintain a positive, friendly & safe work environment.  We believe our Team members can be great assets to the company by being highly motivated, committed, dependable, reliable and certified professionals.


Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. believes that by providing quality service and trained Team members, continual growth and improvement is inevitable.  Team members making a positive contribution will be compensated accordingly.


Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. trusts and expects to make an economical profit from their determination and work, and then use those profits to increase, develop and improve their capabilities.


Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. believes “as part of the opportunity of doing business and making profits in the communities in which they work, they have a social responsibility to contribute their time, talent and resources to programs that are beneficial to these communities.” It is our desire to ensure our customers feel safe, secure and to have peace of mind.

Eric Stephens,


Cynthia Stephens,

Vice President

Josh Connely,

Director of Operations

Kyle Imlach,

Senior Projects Manager

Jenn Wright,

Administrator of Operations

 meet the  team

Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc.
9387 Deschutes Rd., STE #1
Palo Cedro, CA 96073
P: 530-547-2477
F: 530-547-2219
C-10 Lic.# 1062337
DIR# PW-LR1000553999

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